Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Long Story- the Calling

A Long Story-the Calling

Back in 2001, Anthony was approached from his University in a missions fair with an opportunity to complete a year in Malawi in volunteer service. The only problem with this was he had promised to come to America and whisk me away as his beloved bride by that time. Not wanting to ruin a new and good thing, he delivered what was promised...and then spent ten years awaiting what would be destiny.

Jesika was 9 years old when she realized her calling was as a full-time missionary in Africa. At that time she prepared her parents for what she believed would be a journey to the Ivory Coast of Africa. After her years at University (the first years), her Aunt Katherine sent her an article about a missions orphanage in Malawi where she could volunteer. The only problem with this was, she was promised to be married (see story above) and she delivered her promise as well. 

Many years later the two of them were at a Nazarene Missions International District Convention where they met Jon and Margaret Scott who were coming off the field as missionaries to Malawi. During their presentation God tugged hard at our hearts. He reminded us that if we give him everything, he will make straight the path. He reminded us that he doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the calling! We were awstruck! What a great lesson to learn. On the drive home we knew...we KNEW...what God had told us. We shared this in confidence with a dear sister-in-Christ and she promised to pray and hold us accountable. 
We emailed with the missionaries and again we emailed with the missionaries. This is when we learned Africa time is different to America time. I don't mean it is different like time zones, I mean, getting gas in America takes one to three minutes, getting gas in Africa takes 8 hours. This is the time difference I speak of...which accounts for much of the year that it has taken to coordinate the call (for which God qualified us). 
Jon and Margaret were the hands of Malawi, they welcomed us aboard, when there were not yet seats for us to sit in or jobs for us to do. Yes, God had a busy year ahead of Him.
Since March 2011, the school in Malawi where we will teach has gained approval of both the curriculum and the graduation requirements from Africa Nazarene University and South Africa Nazarene College. So we will hopefully be teaching at Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa.