Monday, May 21, 2012

God's presence is so amazing to me, as I sit and think back to the initial calling for Anthony and I to go to this mission in Malawi. Today at breakfast we were talking and I said that I didn't just want this missions thing to be about me.  He said that was good  because he knew the second that we met missionaries Jon and Margaret Scott God sealed his heart for the people of Malawi. It is am amazing feeling inside as we approach the date of departure and watch as the mission unfolds!
Jesika and Leyana need to purchase plane tickets as soon as possible. The cost is right around 2200 a piece. This seems so large, but in the scale of life we know all things are possible with God. Donations, yes, donations are going to be a large part of the fulfilling of the calling on our lives. If you are interested in donating towards our missions trip you can, isn't that great? What does that money go towards? Well it will pay for two well-educated professors to go and teach the undergraduates at Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa for a semester. I (jesika) am teaching Human Development and a second course of study Personal, Family, and Community Health with HIV/AIDS. As I have already received and printed the textbooks through Kinkos I think how the collision of our two countries is so similar. Reading about the choice not to use antibiotics for the common cold and then thinking of our current stance here in America to get away from always giving antibiotics. It is mind-boggling that I have been called by God to do this!
Recently I was with my little brother and he said but how will you earn money. I stood in awe, I guess that hasn't crossed our minds through this whole process, we just want to go and be used. It is exciting! Now, the reality of the cost has hit, we do not see it as a daunting task but as a privilege to ask fellow friends and believers to donate- time, prayer and financial blessing. We see the commercials on television that ask us to send money for water, famine, death, vaccines, we are going to provide education so that these people may bring up their own villages and family and put themselves into a better place in life, as we know by the grace of God they can be educated to do so...and to spread the Word and Love of Jesus to their areas.

Where are we in the process? Well we were fully certified this week for the itinerary. We will depart the last week of August (Leyana and I) and Anthony will meet up with us towards the end of September. He will continue to work here in the states to pay our mortgage, my student loans, life, and the needs of life, and then ultimately while joining us will use his vacation time to do so. When he returns back after his 5 weeks of teaching, he will continue the supporting of our family. 
We need prayer partners. We need ideas for fundraisers. What we need most is your faithfulness to the calling of God. Malawi doesn't just need the Moore Family. This college is in need of many different areas of educators. We are in search right now of those who would have a Master's Degree in Education to help in the courses that we are unqualified to teach. That is an immediate availability. Could you serve? Could you go for a four week intense course or possibly a semester? The weather is inviting, the mosquitos are revolting, but God is amazing and the blessings will be overflowing.
Wow...a long weekend for us. Watching the dust settle and the beauty of the journey get exciting...what questions do you have for me at
This is the full instructions on how to give (and yes, five dollars stretches a long way in Africa)~
Our names: Anthony and Jesika Moore
Our location: Malawi- NTCCA
Our position: Mission Corp Long Term Service

As we close this journal entry, I want to tell you all that God expects of us what we can offer and sometimes he expects what we weren't aware we would need to offer...either way...if we are faithful to this then He is faithful to complete the work he started in our lives. I can't wait to see this work.
Be blessed...


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