Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An interesting turn of events

An interesting turn of events....

After many many many long frustrating months, God has given us answers. As we hoped His will prevailed (even though in our pea size used brain space we knew this would happen all along-it is good to see the fruit of the labor).
The final plan has been posted and accepted by our sending body, The Church of the Nazarene. Here it is:
In the end of August (hoping around the 29th), Jesika and Leyana will head off from Chicago to Lilongwe, Malawi. On Labor Day in America, the classes begin at both the NTCCA and Leyana's Elementary school. Jesika will be teaching the class throughout the whole semester. Then in late September as the steam really rises in the plains of Africa from the "summer" heat, Anthony will arrive. Yes folks, begin to pray for him, pray he spends many hours in the Sauna and the Turkish Bath this summer in order to prepare his body for that torture..heee hee...much to Jesika's delight, the weather will be yummy and warm. Back to the plan, Anthony will arrive in September around the 23rd and stay over until October 26th-ish teaching his Mathematics course. He will then return to the United States in time for the first snow fall. Jesika and Leyana will remain on completing the course work for the mission to which they are called.

Current housing plans: Well this weekend we were delighted to meet our hosts, and the lovely parents of our dear mission friends, David and Marquita Mosher. David is the school Principal. In America, this role seems downplayed, not so much there in Malawi. He is in charge of the elementary, the junior college, and then the larger dually accredited NTCCA. Marquita is the Dean of Women and also holds many smaller titles that lead up to a lot of work and time spent working for the people. I have been reassured that there is running water (for you that worry) and a fan for the hot nights. Also, the best scope of things is that there are mosquito nets...ahhhh peace of mind. 
Current flight plans: Well they are as we spoke above. We are looking at tickets totaling 8,000 american for all of us to get there. On the brighter side, living expenses will be lower there! Aha! Definitely not the all-inclusive Disney, but hey folks we have been blessed to have been there and done that.
For now, we begin to book churches to speak in and tell of the great blessing of the call. Our first church is Marseilles Church of the Nazarene on June 3, 2012 at 6pm. We are excited. We have many dates open between now and leave and would love to have the opportunity to share the vision at your church, in a private coffee date, or over a good details can be given if you don't already have them. Contacting me is easy: 
God is really helping us, for that we are in debt. Others who have proven so supportive are our fellow missionaries on different fields from all over the world and those who maintain the integrity of the missions within the Church of the Nazarene. See below our new missions family: David Mosher, Marquita Mosher, Jesika Moore, Anthony Moore
Let's go teach!
More to come.

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