Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Looking Ahead and Hoping in God!

Wow! We just are blessed, already we have begun the search for plane tickets. They are expected to cost about 6 thousand dollars. Then we got the good news this week of our housing and food costs in Malawi, they are expected to reach about 3 thousand dollars....not to eliminate all hope we also have the insurance cost of 2.75 per day per person which should reach 700 dollars....phewie! Planning is a bear to tackle to the ground...but when you get up you see that it is still the thing God is calling you to do.
Hard to imagine that the clock has begun to tick by in our minds as we begin planning...just under 90 days remains until we take flight.
As the course steadies and we tack down itineraries...please join us in prayer.
Will you send me an email and let us know you are praying for us? Money can buy a lot, but God's grace is far sufficient for all of our needs according to the Word (2 Corinthians 12:9).
When you send the email will you also send any prayer requests that you may have that we could lift up as a family? In our daily conversations with the Lord we love to have opportunity to bring your family to His feet and pray.
Many have asked what we will be doing in Africa. Well I know before in the blog that this has been answered, but we will be teaching. I am not doing a clinic there I am teaching similar courses that my preparation has enabled me to teach; Anthony will do the same.
What about Leyana? Yes, she is going to be with us. She is going to attend school while on the field at the Elementary school in Lilongwe.
What about our dog? As many of you know, our beloved Hershey has been a token dog for us for many years now. When God began to move in our lives with the warp speed button pressed, we searched for a home. God directed us to Pastor Jeff and Mary Coester who are in Sterling, Illinois. They had recently lost a beloved dog and it was a match. We hope this enables us to take longer and longer assignments. It was terrible to pull out of their driveway on that dreaded Sunday but we feel so free to go now...like a child almost.
Moore about Malawi:
This week as I studied information about Malawi I learned that only 1% of the population of Malawi ever attends any form of college or university. Isn't this a startling statistic? When the United States has 30% of the population over 18 with college degrees! WOW! This is a needed ministry. Even more dismal is the fact that the Constitution only protects five years of education (basically and elementary education) if you can fight for that right.
Malawi gained independence from the United Kingdom on July 6, 1964 (formerly called Nyasaland). So our country and Malawi celebrate similar Independence Days!
They have a lovely Lake...well probably moore than one lake...but the Lake Malawi is nearly the size of Lake Michigan. It is a retreat goers paradise.
The primary cause of death is HIV/AIDS, second only to causes related to living conditions (diarrhea, malaria, protozoan illnesses, accidents).
What I leave you with is joy though, I also read the Church of the Nazarene World Mission books this year and am happy to know that such wonderful figures in the COTN have lived in and worked with and for the school that we are going to be working at in Malawi. Praise God for brothers and sisters like the Chambo's, Rev. Enoch Litswele (huge huge in our campus), Brother Phiri (again registrar I believe, but sincerely awesome), and so many more...a big shout out to the Shute's from America..they seem to be part of everyone's story in Africa...amazing mentors.
God bless everyone..I look forward to your emails of support. We have available church dates: June 10th and June 24th. Send me an email if we could possibly speak at your church...thanks!
Grace, peace, and JOY,
Anthony and Jesika

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