Thursday, June 21, 2012


Recently we had friends who came to our house and stayed with us. While we were talking about the mission work in Malawi that we are going to be doing, they looked puzzled. It was a similar puzzling look as the one my little brother gave me when we told him we were going. The look said, "but why do we need to support this work, shouldn't they be paying you to go?" We inquired this time about the look and indeed it was the look and reasoning we suspected. Our friends who were with us knew of plenty of missionaries whom they had known in their life who were all paid for their work on the mission out of their church budgets/denominational budgets. So, they couldn't figure out where we fit into that equation.
If I said 38 million, would you automatically think dollars? or would you think lives? Well, we in our denomination spend 38 million dollars funding the mission...what is the mission? The mission is the goal to Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations...what Nations...well as Nazarene people we are working in countries around the globe in over 200 areas. Those areas touch the lives by the millions in observance of the Ultimate Mission...which is to go into all the world preaching and teaching...
Where do we fit in? Well, that budget supports missionaries who are full-time global missionaries, the staff at our headquarters, retirement and pension of missionaries who came off the field, insurance, health insurance, furlow (home assignments), radio broadcasting, JESUS project, and many many more things...what it doesn't always support is new or sustained work. That is us: We are the new work. We are going with the church of the Nazarene to teach a new cohort of students who want to spread the gospel into their local villages and people groups. However, it is a new work! We are going to teach the classes that we teach for the first time EVER in this people group in this city/state/country! We pray it is a GO! However, the mission has been hit by the recession just like all things. Four years ago the budget was 48 million...but donations, expectations, and reality has hit the mission. Is the mission any less strong? NOPE!
It just means we go into our people groups and ask for donations. We ask that you fund a new work! In direct support of furthering education of the people across the world...hold on you say, you are going to Malawi, how is that across the world? Well, by giving, you support the hopes that Malawi will send out missionaries from the group to their own places, in turn raising up the next generation of missionaries...remember...missionaries are not limited to American Citizenship! They are all over the world..if each one can reach one...there is an unlimited amount of this....:-)
I hope this helps everyone who reads this blog to understand a little bit better why we are asking for your financial support as well as prayer support.
We are very excited we have reached the 20% mark and can only imagine that the next two months before we leave will fly by. I surely hope the months to come meet the needs so we can fulfill this promise...the promise of education and hope for the people group in Lilongwe, Malawi.
A huge thanks to those of you who are already praying for our mission!! ! ! ! !
We are substantially blessed by you, we already feel the pieces coming into place and it is HOT! EXCITING!!! YIPPEE!!!
God bless,
Anthony and Jesika (author borrowed the husbands account to complete this blog)


  1. Great post! Thank you for being willing to go and serve. Your sacrifice will be minimal to the great blessing you will receive in Malawi. Please know you will be prayed for from South Africa!

    David Cooper

    1. Thanks David! We are so excited to go and excited to serve...we have already been blessed so much along the way we look for God to continue to grow our worldview through this semester abroad!