Monday, June 25, 2012


Sometimes it is just soooo hard! Here we have enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with a few wonderful friends and lots of to-do's getting tackled. We were in the fellowship of two very receptive services and we have enjoyed two beautiful love offerings of prayer on our ministry intentions...but man sure as my skin is on my body there he is...the deceiver, searching and seeking, waiting for a moment when he can barge into my almost perfectly God given weekend and PUFF, try to blow my lights out! 
I really have about had here is the verse that instantly came to mind:
1 Peter 5:8- Be self-controlled and alert! Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 
Now, I like steaks, and I like grilled steaks. But I don't want to falter at the hands of a roaring lion. I want an instance like Daniel standing in front of that roaring lion- snap their jaw shut so tight and PROTECT us Lord I pray...this is my thought as Satan seeks to trample on my seemingly God spent and perfect weekend. I am reminded once again..I am flesh...but as Pastor Todd Keller spoke tonight, I should bleed the words of the Lord when I am bitten/smacked/harmed/and tested. 
The commentary on 1 Peter 5:8 says>Your adversary the devil - Your enemy; he who is opposed to you. Satan opposes man in his best interests. He resists his efforts to do good; his purposes to return to God; his attempts to secure his own salvation. There is no more appropriate appellation that can be given to him than to say that he resists all our efforts to obey God and to secure the salvation of our own souls.
WOW! That speaks of power...a forceful wanting me to bow down and give up and one hoping I will put up a fight for God.
What do you want to want to know more about the services?
Our mission field is as much in our home, outside our doors, and in our neighborhood as the people we are going to serve in Malawi. Are we all fighting? Are we working to snap the jaw of the Lion shut and send him whimpering? A threshold on our home is a door for destruction.

Our prayers go out to the following people tonight, please help us this week to lift them up in prayer:
Melinda Tooley- fighting cancer
Mark Brown-recent loss of his wife to cancer
Lucky Brown-awaiting transplant
Jim Mitchell-awaiting hip replacement
Katherine Knight-giver of kidney
Angel Cheney -album cut
Abbi D.- diabetes Type I, uncontrolled
The Chengs- recovery, peace, and snapping that jaw shut
Bill Brandon-new diagnosis of cancer
The Alis and the Moshers-home deputation
Jordan and Rachel Thompson-
All of our students and the preparation for graduation for the current classes at ANU and NTCCA!
The staff of the college who are making preparations as well.
Lindie Kusky-a healthy continuation of the pregnancy
Jen George-a healthy continuation of the pregnancy

This is just a few of the many we will be praying for this week. Feel free to drop us a line: if you want to be added to the prayer list.
And remember..Satan lurks.
We did have a wonderful time with friends at Fairway Knolls Church of the Nazarene. We feel love and appreciation from all of you.
Then this evening the blessing of God fell at Point of Change Church of the Nazarene. We feel God is going to do great things in this ministry and we are praying equally...oh and a shameless plug for this church plant but they have a BIG YARD SALE---yes, a BIG sale going on this weekend at the Central Illinois Holiness Association Campgrounds as they are two weeks from launch.
Enough writing, must go pray. Thanks all for your continued prayers!

Love ya!
J & A


  1. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! God is faithful.

  2. So glad to see you and hear from you and hug you ant PoC last night! Placed your beautiful picture with my Bible so I am reminded every day to pray for you!