Friday, August 31, 2012


Folks, I wasn't yet at the end until tonight, I just prepared dinner (oatmeal), turned around to make the leftover boiling water into a nice hot cup of chai when blip, the power went out! I still thought much more to breaking point. I was planning to do a lot of work this evening on my courses and out went the power! Don't wanna be a complainer, but I am not used to this. I have lost power in my life, gone days with rainwater to wash in, but I don't even see rain on the horizon for this country we are in and man!!!!
Then, we coped. We ate our oatmeal, recycled our cups and made chai. I decided it would get better. I won the first game. Then drip, drip, drip...what is that sound I said. WATER WATER WATER, the toilet bowl was filling with WATER! I say it again WATER! WINNING-DIAMONDS!! See to make a toilet flush here with the water out you lift a 55 pound drum up and fill it to the top and then flush once. So you no flushy flush without numero dos! Oh then you take the drum next door and fill the lil pot with water and washy washy your hands. Then the drum to the toilet, to the sink, oh wait, dishes need doing, back to the kitchen and then in the middle Leyana needs to potty potty, back to the you hear me folks? It has been a long but speedy acclimation to life here. Back to the story, after we screamed praises to Jesus out the front door into the dark night sky and heard our neighbors doing the same and banging pots and pans and praising Jesus for his goodness and FAITHFULNESS, we sat down and played Skip-bo, I won both games...see the WINNING had begun. Then we switched to UNO. Leyana says she was just about to ask for the power to come back on when the power came on. For a moment it was disbelief...then we were again screaming praises to Jesus. We needed to get online and immediately praise praise praise! So all the friends we have can join the praises. Here we are praising Him again.

Can't even believe today...
So, the rest of the day seems like months ago in life. However, Leyana did get her school uniforms back (they made them in less than 24 hours time, hand sewn by the tailor). She has two uniforms which are very basic with white shirts and gray jumpers (picture on facebook). We went to town to refill the bottles of water-the type you would have in an office. Then we were hoping at that time to fill our yellow 55 pound drums and wouldn't you know all the stores lacked water too! However, the missionaries who came here from Kenya (Rev. and Mrs. Obotte) had water! So we went in and filled the two buckets. Then we came back from there and I worked for five hours on course work for my classes. Leyana studied her social studies unit, took the test and scored 85%. She also completed a chapter in her spelling and the words were all African countries, she scored 85% on that as well.  Then we took a little break and played volleyball with the girls from the neighboring two homes. Four of them and us, we all played for a while and then it began to get dark. Aside from that, we did get to speak with Rev Mosher and Marquita on the phone for a few brief but reassuring minutes today.
God rules! Yes, He most certainly is on his throne and hears the prayers of those who speak to him. Another great day to be in Malawi!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day three- coping intact

Well, today has been much more successful for the Moore's in Malawi! We praise God for the victory dances he did around us today. First, we had a rough night of sleep. It got quite warm under our mosquito net and so we both awoke about 1:30 a.m. and came to the dining room. We tried to get online and found we were able to both video and chat skype with Anthony and my Mom (Towana) which was absolutely and positively great. We are hoping my Mom feels better today and looking forward to God helping her through her recent eye issues.
We also chatted online with Jessie, a dear friend and our daughter's Godmother. This too was an encouraging event for us as she is a fellow servant for Christ. 
 As you know we are without water for nearly two full days now. Well, this morning started with a knock on the door and one of the fellow brothers checking on our spare water supply (mind you it was well before 7).
I am happy to say we were up and on our way by 8:30. We went to the SPAR and Shoprite looking for some items we needed. Those items, so simple, are so costly, just shocking! One prepared beef roast, weighing a half of pound cost $20.50 U.S. with current exchange rates. Really inexpensive food is like rice, beans, cornmeal for Nseema, flash pasteurized milk~ not what our staple diet is used to, but it will grow on us.  During our shopping trip, Brother Chinsinsi took me by two furniture stands to find living room furniture and the second guy gave a better deal. See, the house here was fully unfurnished except a bed in each room. We did manage a plastic dining room table with a broken leg which fell off and collapse was bad. We will look for furniture for the dining room later in the week (maybe tomorrow or the next day). We are greatful for the financial supporters we had/have that helped us secure these things. They will be left here in this cottage on the field for future workers that the Lord will bring.
Then home, we were still without power and so lunch was a protein shake (with cream soda flavoring from the grocery store), and a leftover slice of pizza.
Leyana is suffering from stomach pain and so we have started her on Probiotics. She and I are also taking daily multivitamins, papaya enzyme, malarone (anti-malarials), vitamin C, and will probably need to start eating a little oatmeal in between.
We swept and mopped the whole house with some pine-sol smelling anti-septic and the new furniture came. What a relief! We made chai and worked on homeschooling. We took some great pictures on the campus, checked out a book from the library. Would you believe it, they have The Masters Plan, Nazarene Version, I checked it out in honor of Larry Alvey. I believe it was the way he won people to Christ. I also am working on a book from yesterday~ Exile in the Fatherland- by Martin Niemoller, a series of letters to family after the Lutheran pastor was taken hostage in Nazi Germany. WOW! Amazing stuff!!
The most exciting part of the day is yet to five pm. Leyana and I have two neighbor girls coming over for popcorn and Skip-bo! Pray all goes well, she only has two more days before school starts and friends before school are always a helpful adjustment!
Love to you all! Thanks for the read! Consider joining our prayer groups and getting more in depth campus prayer needs. email for more information.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day Two: Let the fun begin

Good morning from Malawi! I am sitting at our makeshift table this morning and I hear the birds chirping. That is such a universal sound, birds chirping! If I close my eyes I can imagine I am on the back patio of the house there in Normal and the birds are chirping, or I could be sitting in my Mother-in-laws garden in England or the deck in Solola, Guatemala and the birds would be chirping. Alas though, my eyes can not stay closed forever and so I open them and I see the wonders of the life here. We are living in a house. The house has four walls, but that is about where we stop in commonalities from the life we came from in Illinois. My body is a bit achy this morning as I adjust to our non-Serta mattress...which I slept on last night for six straight hours.
We were welcomed with wide open arms yesterday as we had our staff meeting, which involved walking the campus and meeting the other staff....mind spin...I hope I will remember names. Today I also hope to get out and take pictures for those of you who are in the waiting phase or want the pictures (how I usually am there)!
God is good. We did well on the flights, no troubles at all. We made all of our connections and traveled brilliantly through customs. In fact, of 8 suitcases, she wanted only to see one. She opened it and said, have a nice stay. Then flagged Leyana and I through and the woman behind us since she was in such great spirits. We also didn't have any problems through the immigration portion of entry.
I will tell you of a few differences:
Money- the money here is large, as in 300:1 U.S. amazingly, when I took money from an atm yesterday I was a millionaire (there is a first for everything).
Roads- ahhhh left side of the road driving and right returning, in other words, British ex colony, now drives the way the Brits do, and yes, the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the vehicle for my mind. The roads are some paved and some are not. None on the campus are paved, campus, oh yes, a new word. The campus is a series of buildings on a beautiful property with lots to offer (when I awaken to this time zone). It is dry. Very dry season in fact. Everything is brown almost. And by brown I mean crispy brown, like Illinois was this summer. The grass doesn't need cutting because when you walk on it, it crumbles beneath your feet.
The stove- so thought I was making hot water for coffee this morning. Waited twenty minutes and heard no boiling. Then I went back into the kitchen and noticed on the wall a switch to turn the power on to the stove. Hmmm...delayed gratification!
The doors- they use the old school big keys and yes, they lock from the outside and then you put the key in the door on the inside and do it again! Key stays in door at night so you can find it in the morning (as was the failure of my morning when I couldn't open the door at 7:30 for Marquita to drop off some items)!
Finally, the most expensive items: Toilet paper, kleenex, chocolate, butter, and diet coke. All the good stuff people...all the stuff we can't and shouldn't live without! Ahhhh...but God is weaning me.
If you want more spiritual stuff, probably best sign up to be a prayer partner. This will just be a candid blog and a day-in-the-life type blog!
Love ya'll!

Jesika and Leyana

Arrived safely!

Praise report!

Jesika and Leyana have safely arrived in Malawi to begin our ministry there. To quote her Facebook post this afternoon:
Well, got to campus, no power, no internet, now it is late at night, both power and internet. Here is the update: Easy passage through customs, all luggage arrived safely and without much damage, house is four walls with running water, need groceries, dinner, and now going to crawl into my mosquito net covered bed and get some sleep. Thanks for the prayers!!
Jesika will have more to add, I'm sure, but wanted to get the word out to those of you who are following our blog that they are safe, and all the luggage made it there too!

Blessings to all,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Final preparations

Jesika and the rest of the "Guat Girls" safely returned from their Guatemala trip yesterday, and now final preparations are underway for Malawi. In the past couple of days, we have received our textbooks, secured missions insurance and have our contracts signed and in place, so now we're all ready to send Jesika and Leyana off to start our missions work in Malawi!

For those of you in Illinois, or at least within driving distance of Bloomington, IL, we wish to extend an invitation to you to come on out tomorrow (Saturday August 25th) afternoon between 3 and 6pm to enjoy some fellowship and a spaghetti dinner with us at Fairway Knolls Church of the Nazarene, 610 IAA Drive, Bloomington, IL. We are not charging for dinner, but a donation basket will be available and all donations will be put towards our expenses on the field. If you'll be attending and haven't done so already, please drop Jesika an email at so we can make sure we have enough food prepared for everyone!

For those of you on our prayer chain, you will start receiving emails for your designated day to pray shortly. If you would like to be added to the list, please send an email to Jesika or me, letting us know which days you would like to sign up for. 

I would like to request all pray for us during the next couple days especially as we make these final preparations. Jesika and Leyana fly out at 6am Monday morning and 3 flights later, land in Lilongwe at 12:25pm (local time) Tuesday afternoon. Pray for traveling mercies and for swift adjustment to the new timezone. Pray also that God would prepare the students for the courses that we are to teach and that he would help us to adapt our teaching methods to the needs of these students. Finally, pray for Leyana as she enrolls in school in Malawi, that she would adapt quickly and make friends.

Many thanks and blessings to you!

Anthony and Jesika

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts from Guatemala...

WOW! I want to write with some color tonight. What color? Green! Green for the lush trees of the forest and land in Guatemala. Blessed tonight to be sitting on a couch in a room where we are staying in Guatemala on a short term missions trip. We-my Mom, my Aunt, my Friend Stephanie, we are here, working side-by-side with Pedro and Felis Patlan in SololÄ, Guatemala. This opportunity presented itself back in February as we became better acquainted with a ministry here that is an orphanage and outreach program to the mountain/indigenous people of Guatemala. Eagle's Nest International is an orphanage started by God who asked Larry and Claire Boggs to open/run/manage after they came to Guatemala in the 1970's.
What have we been doing? Well, we came with one mission in mind, rock the babies. Why did we pick rock the babies? God has given each of the us the same one another as Christ loved the church. He loved the church like his baby. He helped it, instructed it, disciplined it, and bathed it in prayer. We are here to do the same. Help, instruct, bathe in prayer (we leave the discipline to the Mama's).
Well this all plays into your life nicely, how? Through the next story I will share.
Today I was walking with two young ladies. These young ladies are in their early teen years (a very formative time for each of us). One of them announced to me that she wanted to be a missionary when she grew up. She further told me she wanted to leave Guatemala and become a missionary somewhere. I queried her faith, are you a Christian? Yes, I am a Christian she replied without hesitation. I insisted to her that she was already a missionary then. Well, no a real missionary she said. I then had a prime window of opportunity to share with her the great commission...and add to that the life she has currently living in Guatemala and speaking the native language gives her an amazing opportunity to be the missionary that God wants for her to be. To her neighbors, her friends, her loved ones, her family, her teachers, her salespeople, to share his love and catch his vision NOW! She was in awe, she admitted that is not how she had ever thought of a missionary.
Are you a missionary today?
Quick song and a sign-off,
Missionary Song for the Children

Be a missionary every day
tell the world that Jesus is the way
be it in the town or city
or a busy avenue
Africa or Asia
the task is up to you
so be a missionary every day
The Lord is soon returning
there is no time to lose
so be a missionary
God's own emissary
be a missionary today!

A challenge for us a missionary...wherever..all over...permanently...seeking Christ....learning and then sharing what we learn...thanks God!

P.S. count down to Malawi. One week! YIPPEE! Pray that all the text books would arrive smoothly please!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's time!

Well friends, here we are. Half way through August already! Last night we packed Jesika and Leyana for Malawi. Jesika will be leaving for a quick 6 day missions trip to The Eagles Nest Orphanage in Guatemala on Saturday. When when she returns, she'll have two days to catch up with our wonderful friends in Bloomington-Normal and Chicago before the big one - 24 hours of travel starting August 27th to Malawi! 

For those of you in the Bloomington-Normal Area, we are hosting a Spaghetti Dinner Send-off at Fairway Knolls Church of the Nazarene, 610 IAA Drive, Bloomington on Saturday August 25th between 3 and 6pm. We will be serving spaghetti, rolls, drinks and desserts and are looking forward to spending some fellowship time. There is no charge for the event, but a donation basked will be available and all donations will be graciously accepted. RSVPs are not required but appreciated by email to so we can have an idea as to numbers.

We are still looking for prayer partners to commit to pray for us during the time in Malawi. If you are able to commit to a day of prayer, please send Jesika an email with your desired day of the month. You would be responsible to pray for us on that day of each month until December. We will send you specific prayer requests the night before your assigned day. 

We are also still looking for donors to meet the monthly needs while we are there. This helps to cover the insurance, gas, food and other living expenses while we are in Malawi. If you feel so led, you can sign up to help in this way at 

The outpouring of love on us has surpassed even what our minds could have imagined. WE can NOT thank you ENOUGH! But do know that you are being prayed for, God is being given Glory and we are hoping for a blessing to each of you as well as the lives in Africa!

Many blessings to you all,
Anthony, Jesika and Leyana

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Calendar of Prayers

I write tonight with passion for prayer. Recently, prayer has come to light in my life with a fresh renewal. I found myself speaking to a friend over lunch and we were talking about how different a life bathed in prayer reflects Christ. I want to be seen with that reflection! Do you?
I am here to speak of opportunity for praying...we are still in desperate need of a load of prayer partners. This is simple, it requires no money, no changes, only a monthly commitment to raise our needs on the field and our needs at home to God. Here is what I have available

Dates of the Month:
1- need 3 prayer partners
2- need 3 prayer partners
3- need 2 prayer partners
4- need 3 prayer partners
5- need 3 prayer partners
6- need 3 prayer partners
7- need 3 prayers partners
8-need 2 prayer partners
9- need 2 prayer partners
10- need 3 prayer partners
11- need 2 prayer partners
12- need 2 prayer partners
13- need 1 prayer partner
14- need 2 prayer partners
15- need 3 prayer partners
16- need 2 prayer partners
17- need 2 prayer partners
18-need 1 prayer partner
19- need 3 prayer partners
20- need 2 prayer partners
21-need 3 prayer partners
22- need 3 prayer partners
23- need 3 prayer partners
24- need 3 prayer partners
25- need 3 prayer partners
26- need 2 prayer partners
27- need 3 prayer partners
28-need 1 prayer partner
29-31st- need 12 prayer partners
As you can see, there is still time to hop on board and help us with the prayer needs. We would like at least one person per day at a bare minimum! However, we serve a GREATER GOD, we know you would want to hop on board and give an opportunity to bless and minister around the world. If you are interested in a date that is above, please email me with the date, an email address where I can send requests, and your full name. 
We are so excited about your partnering with us for the success of this mission! YIPPEE! My email is

God bless, God speed, can't wait to get moving!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August of today and August of tomorrow

Well we are seriously close. Seriously close to closing a gap, that is the gap of the last 24 months and also the gap of the last 28 years, and that folks is scary. 28 years ago I told God, yes Lord here I am send ME!, he replied that it was His plan. I waited. I went through periods of running my own life. I went through many a great high fluting experiences. I have been blessed to walk where the rich and famous have walked, dine in high establishments, travel with an unrestricted budget, but alas, now my life is exactly positioned to work in the capacity God wants it to be and Whooooa there nelly it is quite different. Plans here are the same: Guatemala for work and witness and then return home, two day layover (clothes repacked) and out the door to a new adventure. It does seem surreal still I won't lie, to think in 26 days I will be far far away with no turning back. Nope, not too sure what to expect. This is less than spiritual, but how to cope with not knowing. Not knowing about food, water, plumbing, washing of clothes, using an iron on my clothes, will the house be carpeted, will there be pictures, will there be silverware, will I smile and will people smile back, will Leyana make friends or instead be a shy outcast, will we meet all the goals God has for us while we are there, will lives be changed other than ours, and if it were only ours is that enough for the reason God is sending us. This August is monumental. For the past four months I have said, well August will be when this becomes more than a dream, it will become real. Now, IT IS AUGUST! *(slight panicked voice, then returning to normal)* We gave our puppy up nearly two months ago in preparation for many weekends, Sundays, and dinners away. Well last Sunday we saw him, and well pretty much God said, alas he remembers you and he doesn't really miss you, but it is a treat to see you. When I was there I thought, I hope I never get a relationship with God like Hershey has with me. In this hustle of coming and going and speaking and meeting, I want God to be the one I can't live without, not a coffee with a friend. I don't want to get to Africa and realize that I recognize God but got so busy planning I forgot that He and I, we are unstoppable together but not apart or alone. He depends on me to fulfill the great commission (insert Mark 16:15) and I am also dependent on Him completely to prepare me and continue his work in me. I have stopped playing on Words with Friends this month (MAN THAT WAS HARD). I have independently contacted some of you to join with me in an intimate circle of prayer warriors and positioned myself in a circle to help pray for me as we go. I have made some intentional prayer dates and some intentional coffee times. I wish there were more of these dates available... I will begin to limit my connections on Facebook as I seek to focus on the ministry we have been allowed to begin. I still desperately need 40 more prayer warriors for daily prayer updates and prayer request mail-outs. PLEASE email me if you can do this for me. I start today! Thanks a bunch if you chose to do this... :-) Pray for Leyana. She is having a bit of a hard time thinking about being gone (probably a little incapable to be honest, four months is a LONG time for a 9 year old). Pray against Satan invading our space and our home as we tidy up and close some loose ends that are working to divide our attention. Pray for God to already be preparing the hearts of our students. Pray for wisdom as Jesika needs to get one more textbook purchased for the students classes, pray for purchasing favor. Pray for fellow missionary J&J, who will be having a serious operation later this month when a donor is found. Pray for friends Gavin and Jill F, as they head to language school to join the work in Africa. Pray for the health of retired Malawi missionaries Margaret and Jon Scott. Pray for the safe deputation of current African Missionaries, Ermais and Mulu; LeCrecia and Aweis. Pray for God to be already building a hedge of safety and friendship for us in Africa. Thanking God for you, thanking God for your love, thanking God for your partnership in the vision, Anthony, Jesika (author) and Leyana Moore