Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August of today and August of tomorrow

Well we are seriously close. Seriously close to closing a gap, that is the gap of the last 24 months and also the gap of the last 28 years, and that folks is scary. 28 years ago I told God, yes Lord here I am send ME!, he replied that it was His plan. I waited. I went through periods of running my own life. I went through many a great high fluting experiences. I have been blessed to walk where the rich and famous have walked, dine in high establishments, travel with an unrestricted budget, but alas, now my life is exactly positioned to work in the capacity God wants it to be and Whooooa there nelly it is quite different. Plans here are the same: Guatemala for work and witness and then return home, two day layover (clothes repacked) and out the door to a new adventure. It does seem surreal still I won't lie, to think in 26 days I will be far far away with no turning back. Nope, not too sure what to expect. This is less than spiritual, but how to cope with not knowing. Not knowing about food, water, plumbing, washing of clothes, using an iron on my clothes, will the house be carpeted, will there be pictures, will there be silverware, will I smile and will people smile back, will Leyana make friends or instead be a shy outcast, will we meet all the goals God has for us while we are there, will lives be changed other than ours, and if it were only ours is that enough for the reason God is sending us. This August is monumental. For the past four months I have said, well August will be when this becomes more than a dream, it will become real. Now, IT IS AUGUST! *(slight panicked voice, then returning to normal)* We gave our puppy up nearly two months ago in preparation for many weekends, Sundays, and dinners away. Well last Sunday we saw him, and well pretty much God said, alas he remembers you and he doesn't really miss you, but it is a treat to see you. When I was there I thought, I hope I never get a relationship with God like Hershey has with me. In this hustle of coming and going and speaking and meeting, I want God to be the one I can't live without, not a coffee with a friend. I don't want to get to Africa and realize that I recognize God but got so busy planning I forgot that He and I, we are unstoppable together but not apart or alone. He depends on me to fulfill the great commission (insert Mark 16:15) and I am also dependent on Him completely to prepare me and continue his work in me. I have stopped playing on Words with Friends this month (MAN THAT WAS HARD). I have independently contacted some of you to join with me in an intimate circle of prayer warriors and positioned myself in a circle to help pray for me as we go. I have made some intentional prayer dates and some intentional coffee times. I wish there were more of these dates available... I will begin to limit my connections on Facebook as I seek to focus on the ministry we have been allowed to begin. I still desperately need 40 more prayer warriors for daily prayer updates and prayer request mail-outs. PLEASE email me if you can do this for me. I start today! Thanks a bunch if you chose to do this... :-) Pray for Leyana. She is having a bit of a hard time thinking about being gone (probably a little incapable to be honest, four months is a LONG time for a 9 year old). Pray against Satan invading our space and our home as we tidy up and close some loose ends that are working to divide our attention. Pray for God to already be preparing the hearts of our students. Pray for wisdom as Jesika needs to get one more textbook purchased for the students classes, pray for purchasing favor. Pray for fellow missionary J&J, who will be having a serious operation later this month when a donor is found. Pray for friends Gavin and Jill F, as they head to language school to join the work in Africa. Pray for the health of retired Malawi missionaries Margaret and Jon Scott. Pray for the safe deputation of current African Missionaries, Ermais and Mulu; LeCrecia and Aweis. Pray for God to be already building a hedge of safety and friendship for us in Africa. Thanking God for you, thanking God for your love, thanking God for your partnership in the vision, Anthony, Jesika (author) and Leyana Moore

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