Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day three- coping intact

Well, today has been much more successful for the Moore's in Malawi! We praise God for the victory dances he did around us today. First, we had a rough night of sleep. It got quite warm under our mosquito net and so we both awoke about 1:30 a.m. and came to the dining room. We tried to get online and found we were able to both video and chat skype with Anthony and my Mom (Towana) which was absolutely and positively great. We are hoping my Mom feels better today and looking forward to God helping her through her recent eye issues.
We also chatted online with Jessie, a dear friend and our daughter's Godmother. This too was an encouraging event for us as she is a fellow servant for Christ. 
 As you know we are without water for nearly two full days now. Well, this morning started with a knock on the door and one of the fellow brothers checking on our spare water supply (mind you it was well before 7).
I am happy to say we were up and on our way by 8:30. We went to the SPAR and Shoprite looking for some items we needed. Those items, so simple, are so costly, just shocking! One prepared beef roast, weighing a half of pound cost $20.50 U.S. with current exchange rates. Really inexpensive food is like rice, beans, cornmeal for Nseema, flash pasteurized milk~ not what our staple diet is used to, but it will grow on us.  During our shopping trip, Brother Chinsinsi took me by two furniture stands to find living room furniture and the second guy gave a better deal. See, the house here was fully unfurnished except a bed in each room. We did manage a plastic dining room table with a broken leg which fell off and collapse was bad. We will look for furniture for the dining room later in the week (maybe tomorrow or the next day). We are greatful for the financial supporters we had/have that helped us secure these things. They will be left here in this cottage on the field for future workers that the Lord will bring.
Then home, we were still without power and so lunch was a protein shake (with cream soda flavoring from the grocery store), and a leftover slice of pizza.
Leyana is suffering from stomach pain and so we have started her on Probiotics. She and I are also taking daily multivitamins, papaya enzyme, malarone (anti-malarials), vitamin C, and will probably need to start eating a little oatmeal in between.
We swept and mopped the whole house with some pine-sol smelling anti-septic and the new furniture came. What a relief! We made chai and worked on homeschooling. We took some great pictures on the campus, checked out a book from the library. Would you believe it, they have The Masters Plan, Nazarene Version, I checked it out in honor of Larry Alvey. I believe it was the way he won people to Christ. I also am working on a book from yesterday~ Exile in the Fatherland- by Martin Niemoller, a series of letters to family after the Lutheran pastor was taken hostage in Nazi Germany. WOW! Amazing stuff!!
The most exciting part of the day is yet to five pm. Leyana and I have two neighbor girls coming over for popcorn and Skip-bo! Pray all goes well, she only has two more days before school starts and friends before school are always a helpful adjustment!
Love to you all! Thanks for the read! Consider joining our prayer groups and getting more in depth campus prayer needs. email for more information.


  1. Love knowing you are there and safe. Enjoying your photos and updates. Praying, praying, praying for you! Add me to your prayer list,

  2. Thanks Taryn, you will be added to one day of the month. Guess what day it will be? Today the 31st of August! Look in your email this evening for prayer requests for the school/family/community! GOD bless you!