Friday, August 31, 2012


Folks, I wasn't yet at the end until tonight, I just prepared dinner (oatmeal), turned around to make the leftover boiling water into a nice hot cup of chai when blip, the power went out! I still thought much more to breaking point. I was planning to do a lot of work this evening on my courses and out went the power! Don't wanna be a complainer, but I am not used to this. I have lost power in my life, gone days with rainwater to wash in, but I don't even see rain on the horizon for this country we are in and man!!!!
Then, we coped. We ate our oatmeal, recycled our cups and made chai. I decided it would get better. I won the first game. Then drip, drip, drip...what is that sound I said. WATER WATER WATER, the toilet bowl was filling with WATER! I say it again WATER! WINNING-DIAMONDS!! See to make a toilet flush here with the water out you lift a 55 pound drum up and fill it to the top and then flush once. So you no flushy flush without numero dos! Oh then you take the drum next door and fill the lil pot with water and washy washy your hands. Then the drum to the toilet, to the sink, oh wait, dishes need doing, back to the kitchen and then in the middle Leyana needs to potty potty, back to the you hear me folks? It has been a long but speedy acclimation to life here. Back to the story, after we screamed praises to Jesus out the front door into the dark night sky and heard our neighbors doing the same and banging pots and pans and praising Jesus for his goodness and FAITHFULNESS, we sat down and played Skip-bo, I won both games...see the WINNING had begun. Then we switched to UNO. Leyana says she was just about to ask for the power to come back on when the power came on. For a moment it was disbelief...then we were again screaming praises to Jesus. We needed to get online and immediately praise praise praise! So all the friends we have can join the praises. Here we are praising Him again.

Can't even believe today...
So, the rest of the day seems like months ago in life. However, Leyana did get her school uniforms back (they made them in less than 24 hours time, hand sewn by the tailor). She has two uniforms which are very basic with white shirts and gray jumpers (picture on facebook). We went to town to refill the bottles of water-the type you would have in an office. Then we were hoping at that time to fill our yellow 55 pound drums and wouldn't you know all the stores lacked water too! However, the missionaries who came here from Kenya (Rev. and Mrs. Obotte) had water! So we went in and filled the two buckets. Then we came back from there and I worked for five hours on course work for my classes. Leyana studied her social studies unit, took the test and scored 85%. She also completed a chapter in her spelling and the words were all African countries, she scored 85% on that as well.  Then we took a little break and played volleyball with the girls from the neighboring two homes. Four of them and us, we all played for a while and then it began to get dark. Aside from that, we did get to speak with Rev Mosher and Marquita on the phone for a few brief but reassuring minutes today.
God rules! Yes, He most certainly is on his throne and hears the prayers of those who speak to him. Another great day to be in Malawi!

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