Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts from Guatemala...

WOW! I want to write with some color tonight. What color? Green! Green for the lush trees of the forest and land in Guatemala. Blessed tonight to be sitting on a couch in a room where we are staying in Guatemala on a short term missions trip. We-my Mom, my Aunt, my Friend Stephanie, we are here, working side-by-side with Pedro and Felis Patlan in SololÄ, Guatemala. This opportunity presented itself back in February as we became better acquainted with a ministry here that is an orphanage and outreach program to the mountain/indigenous people of Guatemala. Eagle's Nest International is an orphanage started by God who asked Larry and Claire Boggs to open/run/manage after they came to Guatemala in the 1970's.
What have we been doing? Well, we came with one mission in mind, rock the babies. Why did we pick rock the babies? God has given each of the us the same one another as Christ loved the church. He loved the church like his baby. He helped it, instructed it, disciplined it, and bathed it in prayer. We are here to do the same. Help, instruct, bathe in prayer (we leave the discipline to the Mama's).
Well this all plays into your life nicely, how? Through the next story I will share.
Today I was walking with two young ladies. These young ladies are in their early teen years (a very formative time for each of us). One of them announced to me that she wanted to be a missionary when she grew up. She further told me she wanted to leave Guatemala and become a missionary somewhere. I queried her faith, are you a Christian? Yes, I am a Christian she replied without hesitation. I insisted to her that she was already a missionary then. Well, no a real missionary she said. I then had a prime window of opportunity to share with her the great commission...and add to that the life she has currently living in Guatemala and speaking the native language gives her an amazing opportunity to be the missionary that God wants for her to be. To her neighbors, her friends, her loved ones, her family, her teachers, her salespeople, to share his love and catch his vision NOW! She was in awe, she admitted that is not how she had ever thought of a missionary.
Are you a missionary today?
Quick song and a sign-off,
Missionary Song for the Children

Be a missionary every day
tell the world that Jesus is the way
be it in the town or city
or a busy avenue
Africa or Asia
the task is up to you
so be a missionary every day
The Lord is soon returning
there is no time to lose
so be a missionary
God's own emissary
be a missionary today!

A challenge for us a missionary...wherever..all over...permanently...seeking Christ....learning and then sharing what we learn...thanks God!

P.S. count down to Malawi. One week! YIPPEE! Pray that all the text books would arrive smoothly please!

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