Thursday, September 6, 2012

Great days in the warm heart of Africa

Power goes on. 

Power goes off.
water is on
water is off
Daytime falls again. 24 hours no internet access. 12 days without a starbucks sign in my view finder.
I sleep. I wake. The birds chirp. The dogs bark.  The roosters crow. The school kids play in my backyard. The neighbors use the outside water tap and water the garden.  The people talk in the courtyard out front. Tap tap, the birds and bugs in the ceiling make noise. Leyana speaks and breaks through my silence as I contemplate life here. It is so amazing the people here. They don't stop functioning because the toilets do. They don't stop working when the power goes out. They just cope. They learn and grow and function, I gasp for two seconds, what will I make for lunch. Oh who cares, they make Nsima and beans at the food hall everyday so I am covered. In fact, I can get three squares without worry if I like. I hear that noise again, Leyana wants to play. Sure, play. I will just finish up the dishes that are waiting.
I need to do laundry. I have possibly a whole clothesline to do. Last time I did laundry the red ants bit my legs about 47 times and I had lovely laundry done and also had lovely swollen bumps. Hm. It is a trade off. Let the piles pile or tough it out. Where are the wellie boots I need! Oh, in the U.S. Ugh! Sigh. Wait, I will go for a run instead. Ahhhh, five miles of laughter. Not by me, by the locals. I must look awful when I run. They all stare and laugh. I am the only caucasian for the whole five miles. I imagine it isn't a very pretty tapestry watching me run, but I press on. I want to live healthy here. I think to myself...a cold shower sounds good right now...well I am relieved to find the water is on when I arrive home. Oh and the shower only runs at 55 degrees I am in luck! I shower, now what! Go out, feed Leyana on her school break.
It is so fun here. People are different. The way of life is different. The peaceful times are different. Like chapel at 7:30 a.m. There is nothing quite as soul satisfying as hearing an African choir sing to you about the love of Jesus at 7:30 in the morning. All in perfect harmony and with soulful spirits. Yes, it is different here. I can't think how students would get to chapel at Southern Nazarene University if it was at 7:30 a.m. There are some who can't make chapel by 10:00.
Today, water was on, power was off. I missed chatting with my Mom before she went to China. I miss you Mommy. I hope you can read my blog while you are there. Don't forget to get me a pretty pretty. Enjoy the river.
Special times tonight... went with Rev Mosher and Marquita to meet Wellington Obotte and Helen Obotte. They are headed stateside via Kenya tomorrow and well we were pleased to meet them before they left. Just a really darling couple. They had the gardener/yard worker clear the lemon tree for us. The house smells sublime (haha sublemon maybe) right now! Had an amazingly american tasting dinner which included our first beef since coming. Wow. 12 days no beef and neither of us missed it, but we sure did appreciate and enjoy the meal...oh yes, and cheese...mmmmmMMMM! And for me, jalapenos just about made the meal over-the-top! Loved it. Time was spent with skip-bo.
Yes, we are certainly "suffering" over here in Africa. God is with us and he is showing us how to give thanks in all things. God is mighty. he is love. he is praiseworthy. he is patience. he is virtue. he is trustworthy. he is giving. we are not in need peeps. i know you all were worried for us. well it isn't a walk in the park, but we have our chins up, our dignity intact, and God is blessing us! Miss ya, but having too much fun here to realize what we are missing.
I know one thing is for sure...I am thankful for this experience.
Phew! G'night!

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