Wednesday, September 26, 2012 I love thee...

In tribute to the beautiful purple Jacaranda trees here I color this blog purple. How I love Africa, let me count the ways....
1. The Jacaranda tree in full bloom, which towers across roads, yards, rooftops and into the heart of the people.It's little trumpet-shaped blossoms falling on your head like fresh snow falls to the earths' surface in winter. It is refreshing, the smell, the sensual illumination...God did it all for us, he left NO stone unturned and if we look we see perfection all around us in every moment.
2. The faces of the children who do like seeing me on campus. There are three in particular whom I am falling deeply in love with. These children have good loving parents and two of the three speak wonderful english. It is an honor to be counted in their adult friend group. They come, find me, and hold my hand while we talk. Such kindness is a blessing.
3. A hard day of work on the house and in lesson planning, that ends in a great outdoor co-ed volleyball game with a volleyball that looks like it is kin to the one Tom Hanks used as a "friend" on CastAway, the movie.
4. The early a.m. chapel. No, I don't yearn to be up and fully dressed at 7 a.m. but since that is the way of life here, I am growing into it. The fact that at 7:25 a.m. every one of the staff and college students are up and praising the Lord  in Chapel. Just brilliantly beautiful and NOT a dull soul in the place. 
5. Sunrises and Sunsets. As I get up the morning I hear the birds banging on my tin roof. Funny thing, I priced a new tin roof in the U.S> for our home in Normal. I wanted it so badly, this roof would have cost me 10K! Now, here, I get a tin roof inclusive! SO COOL. Well the birds banging on it happens daily. But after awakening I see out the window a beautiful!
To bed, I see a sunset out the kitchen window that is amazing. The glow shining through the purple life of the Jacaranda.,..words leave me speechless!
And to think, It is all for the glory of God..this makes it worth more than words.

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